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5 publications between 1879 and 1987 indexed
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Works authored

Warren, F. E., and Jane Stevenson [ed.], The liturgy and ritual of the Celtic Church, Studies in Celtic History 9, 2nd ed. (1881), Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 1987.
Warren, F. E., The manuscript Irish missal belonging to the president and fellows of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, London: Pickering and Co., 1879.
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Contributions to journals

Warren, F. E., “An early Irish liturgical fragment”, The Journal of Theological Studies 4:16 (July, 1903): 610–613.
Warren, F. E., “Un monument inédit de la liturgie celtique”, Revue Celtique 9 (1888): 88–96.
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Warren, F. E., “Manumissions in Leofric Missal”, Revue Celtique 5 (1881–1883): 213–217.
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