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Works authored

Coe, John B., and Simon Young, The Celtic sources for the Arthurian legend, Felinfach: Llanerch Press, 1995.

Contributions to journals

Young, Simon, “Fairy impostors in County Longford in the Great Famine”, Studia Hibernica 38 (2012): 181–200.
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Young, Simon, “Note: St Patrick and Clovis”, Peritia 16 (2002): 478–479.
Young, Simon, “On the Irish peregrini in Italy”, Peritia 16 (2002): 250–255.
Young, Simon, “Note: Iberian addenda to Fleuriot’s Toponymes”, Peritia 16 (2002): 479–482.
Young, Simon, “Note on Britones in thirteenth-century Galicia”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 361–362.
Young, Simon, “A note on St Patrick’s Confessio: Gloria patris est”, Studia Celtica 35 (2001): 360.
Young, Simon, “Note: St Brigit in a medieval Welsh poem”, Peritia 15 (2001): 279.
Young, Simon, “Donatus, bishop of Fiesole 829–76, and the cult of St Brigit in Italy”, Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies 35 (Summer, 1998): 13–26.