General category: English manuscripts

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The present classification is only rudimentary. It will ultimately be replaced by a new system with greater care for data concerning each manuscript’s date, origin and provenance.

Manuscript of two independent volumes. The first volume contains the A-version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (ff 1r-32r).

  • s. ix-xi + s. viii-ix

A manuscript collection of canon law, including a number of Old English texts.

  • s. xi2

A manuscript containing what is known as the First Variant of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia regum Britanniae (ff. 23r-65v).

  • s. xiiiex/xivin

Composite manuscript. The first 55 folios contains English (especially Anglo-Latin) material written between the 10th and early 12th centuries. The subsequent folios (ff. 56-160) belong to a manuscript of St David's from 13th century and later.

Two 14th-century manuscript volumes containing John Tynemouth’s hagiographic compilation Sanctilogium Angliae, Walliae, Scotiae et Hiberniae.

  • s. xiv2

Earliest manuscript containing a copy of the De excidio Britanniae by Gildas. It has suffered severe damage from the fire that destroyed the Cotton library in 1731.

  • s. x/xi

Anglo-Saxon, probably Mercian prayer-book

  • s. viiiex / s. x1/4