General category: Scottish manuscripts

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The present classification is only rudimentary. It will ultimately be replaced by a new system with greater care for data concerning each manuscript’s date, origin and provenance.

Pocket gospel book produced around the tenth century, probably in Scotland; well known for containing additions in Scottish Gaelic (or Middle Irish)

  • s. x1

Manuscript leaves written by the Scottish Gaelic poet Cathal Mac Muireadhaigh, containing a number of poems

  • 1636
  • Cathal Mac Muireadhaigh
Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Adv. MS 72.1.2

Three leaves containing the text known as Ranna an aeir.

  • s. xvi

A lost manuscript known to have contained a collection of Fenian tales.

A 15th-century manuscript containing a copy of In cath catharda.

  • s. xv
  • Tadhg Ó Cianáin

Early Modern Irish prose tales, including Oidheadh Chloinne Tuireann, Oidheadh Chloinne Lir and Oidheadh Chlonne Uisneach.

  • s. xviii