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The present classification is only rudimentary. It will ultimately be replaced by a new system with greater care for data concerning each manuscript’s date, origin and provenance.

Composite manuscript. The first 55 folios contains English (especially Anglo-Latin) material written between the 10th and early 12th centuries. The subsequent folios (ff. 56-160) belong to a manuscript of St David's from 13th century and later.

A composite manuscript that includes matter pertaining to Anselm and Lanfranc, archbishops of Canterbury; a 16th-century Irish manuscript containing a copy of Bretha Nemed toísech; and Henry of Saltry's description of St Patrick's Purgatory.

London, British Library, MS Cotton Nero E i

English manuscript containing a large chunk of the so-called ‘Cotton-Corpus legendary’, being the first part of what was originally the first volume. In addition to Lives of saints of continental or English origin, the legendary also includes the Lives of St. Brigit and St. Fursa and the writings of St. Patrick.

  • s. xi2 / s. xii2/4

Fragments from a composite English manuscript which suffered severe losses and damage in the Ashburnham House fire of 23 October 1731. About two thirds of the manuscript was destroyed.

  • s. xi / s. xii
  • Matthew Parker

Early English manuscript containing a Latin Life of St Ælfheah of Cantebury written by the monk Osbern, together with a narrative text about the translation of his remains.

  • s. xi2

Two 14th-century manuscript volumes containing a unique copy of John Tynemouth’s hagiographic compilation Sanctilogium Angliae, Walliae, Scotiae et Hiberniae.

  • s. xiv2

Earliest manuscript containing a copy of the De excidio Britanniae by Gildas. It has suffered severe damage from the fire that destroyed the Cotton library in 1731.

  • s. x/xi
London, British Library, MS Cotton Vitellius A xii
  • s. xiiin

Anglo-Saxon, probably Mercian prayer-book

  • s. viiiex / s. x1/4

Miscellany of late antique and early medieval Latin texts. It contains the earliest extant copy of the Historia Brittonum together with a text of the Annales Cambriae and a set of Welsh genealogies, which were both interpolated into the Historia after the section occasionally referred to as the ‘northern history’. A text of possible Irish interest is that of the Cosmographia of Aethicus Ister.

  • s. xiex/xiiin

Robert Cotton’s catalogue of more than 400 manuscripts in his library.

  • Robert Cotton