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An 18th-century two-volume collection of drawings and sketches of antiquities from England and Cornwall (vol. 1, ff. 9-78), Wales (vol. 1, ff. 79-181, and vol. 2, ff. 1-78), Scotland (vol. 2. ff. 79-124) and Ireland (vol. 2, ff. 125-196). They represent unique copies, less likely originals, of sketches that were made by Edward Lhuyd, or one of his assistants and correspondents, during his journeys through Britain and Ireland c.1700. The collection was made for the antiquarian John Anstis. Also included is a letter from Richard Richardson to Edward Lhuyd, dated 3 July 1709 (i.e. shortly after the recipient's death).

  • s. xviii

Commentaries on the biblical prophets Isaiah, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Zachariah and Malachi, followed by Galfridus' life of St Bernard of Clairvaux and a version of the Navigatio sancti Brendani related to the Old French poem on the same subject.

  • s. xiiex / s. xiiiin

Composite volume, probably bound together at Glastonbury, consisting of four originally distinct parts

  • s. ix + s. xi

A copy of the Nova legenda Angliae, written in 1499 by Jacobus Neel of Rouen and commissioned by Thomas Goldston (II), prior of Christ Church, Canterbury. There are additions in another hand. 301 ff.

  • 1499
  • Jacobus Neel of Rouen, John Prise

English manuscript compilation of Latin materials on computus, mathematics and other medieval sciences.

  • c. 1110

English psalter, with calendar, hymns, litanies and prayers.

  • s. xi