Bern, Burgerbibliothek, MS 172
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Daintree, David, “Scholia Bernensia: an edition of the scholia on the Eclogues of Vergil in Bern Burgerbibliothek manuscript 172”, unpublished PhD dissertation: University of Tasmania, 1993.  
Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. General survey of the Virgil scholia; 3. The Scholia Bernensis and related material; 4. The influence of surviving scholia of the lost commentary of Aeilus Donatus; 5. The Irish connection; 6. Introduction to the text and sigla; [Edition - Eclogues I-X]; Bibliography and indexes.
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Müller, Karl-Wilhelm, Commentaria Iunilii Flagrii, T. Galli et Gaudentii in Virgilii, Rudolfstadt, 1847-1854.
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Carolingian manuscript containing materials relating to Latin grammar.

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