Cín Dromma Snechtai
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Carey, John, “The Lough Foyle colloquy texts: Immacaldam Choluim Chille ⁊ ind óclaig oc Carraic Eolairg and Immacaldam in druad Brain ⁊ inna baṅfátho Febuil ós Loch Fhebuil”, Ériu 52 (2002): 53–87.  
This paper presents new editions, accompanied by translations and textual notes, of two texts associated with the legendary origin of Lough Foyle. These have usually been discussed in terms of their possible relationship with the tale Immram Brain, and it has been argued that both once formed part of the lost compilation Cín Dromma Snechtai. James Carney has suggested that they date from the seventh century; although they are evidently Old Irish, I can find no clear indications that either was written earlier than the eighth century.
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421–469   [Appendix I] “Cín Dromma Snechtai: a reappraisal”
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comments: Part 1 (chapters 1-23): Allgemeines; Part 2 (chapters 1-85): Die Ulter Sage
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15–18   [1.3] “Die Handschrift von Druim Snechta(i)”
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comments: Continued by Rudolf Thurneysen, Zu irischen Handschriften und Litteraturdenkmälern II (1913).
[6] “Cín Dromma Snechta”
[8] “Compert Con Culaind nach D. 4. 2”
[9] “Baile Chuind Chétchathaig nach der Handschrift von Druim Snechta”
[10] “Forfess fer Falga nach Handschrift von Druim Snechta”

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