Cambridge, University Library, MS Dd X 16
  • s. x
McNamara, Martin, “The newly-identified Cambridge Apocalypse commentary and the Reference bible: a preliminary inquiry”, Peritia 15 (2001): 208–260.  
A discussion of the newly discovered commentary on the Apocalypse in Cambridge, University Library, Dd X 16 (s. x, probably of Breton provenance) and a comparison of its text with that of the Reference bible (c.AD 750). Three extensive passages of both texts are cited as the basis for comparison. In addition, there is a general discussion of commentaries on the Apocalypse and of the possible sources of the Cambridge commentary.

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A copy of the Irish catechism Lochran na gcreidmheach (1676) authored by Froinsias Ó Maolmhuaidh (Francis Molloy, Irish Franciscan monk of St Isidore's, Rome).

  • s. xviiiex
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