Cracow, Cathedral Library, MS 140
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Krasnodębska-D'Aughton, Małgorzata, “The homily on the epiphany in the Catechesis cracouiensis”, Peritia 17–18 (2003–2004): 471–494. 
An analysis of the Homily on the Epiphany in the Catechesis cracouiensis in the Cracow, Cathedral Library ms 140 (olim 43), this paper searches for both patristic and Hiberno-Latin sources of exegetical themes within it. A study of the text is followed by an analysis of the Magi scenes on Irish high crosses to establish the usefulness of iconography in uncovering the provenance of a written text.
(source: Brepols)

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  • Cracow, Cathedral Library, MS 140