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Results for Book (68)

Welsh manuscript collection of religious texts, mainly in the hand of Hywel Fychan. Other parts of the original manuscript are are in Peniarth MS 12 and Cardiff MS 3.242.

  • c.1400
  • Hywel Fychan ap Hywel Goch

Welsh paper manuscript miscellany (268 pp.) in the hand of John David Rhys containing Welsh poetry as well as a vocabulary, a bardic grammar of the Dafydd Ddu recension, the so-called statutes of Gruffudd ap Cynan, a translation of Genesis I, items of biblical and historical interest, etc.

  • c.1579
  • John David Rhys

The Book of Llandaff is one of the oldest manuscripts of Wales. While its core is a gospelbook containing a copy of St Matthew’s Gospel, it is best known for its many substantial additions in the form of the Lives of St Elgar and St Samson, and various documents (such as charters) relating to the see of Llandaff and to bishops Dyfrig, Teilo and Euddogwy.

  • s. xii1
  • s. xiv1
  • Anonymous [hand in Harl. 4353, Cot. Cleo. A xiv and Book of Taliesin]

A lost source named for Dub Dá Leithe, abbot of Armagh (fl. 1049-1064). It is referred to by the Annals of Ulster, s.a. 630, 963, 1004 and 1021, and the copy of Baile in Scáil in Rawlinson B 512, f. 101r.

  • s. ximed
  • Book of Flaithrige mac Murchaidh