Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 E 29 (1134) = Book of Fermoy
  • s. xiv/xv
Carey, John, “Compilations of lore and legend: Leabhar na hUidhre and the Books of Uí Mhaine, Ballymote, Lecan and Fermoy”, in: Cunningham, Bernadette, Siobhán Fitzpatrick [eds.], and Petra Schnabel [picture ed.], Treasures of the Royal Irish Academy Library, Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 2009. 17–31.
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“MS 23 E 29 (The Book of Fermoy)”
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17–31   “Yellow Book of Lecan; Book of Fermoy”
Diplomatic edition of the manuscript texts from YBL (given at the top of the page) and the Book of Fermoy (bottom of the page).
Bergin, Osborn, “The harrowing of hell”, Ériu 4 (1908–1910): 112–119.

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Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 E 29

A fragment of Lebor gabála Érenn (recension A), tentatively dated to the 14th century in the catalogue description. Another part is in Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS D iii 1.

  • s. xiv (?)
  • Ádam Ó Cianáin
  • s. xiv / s. xv