Dublin, The National Folklore Collection, UCD MS 1265
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Tuomi, Ilona, “‘As I went up the hill of Mount Olive’ : the Irish tradition of the Three Good Brothers charm revisited”, Studia Celtica Fennica 13 (2016): 69–94.  
Subheadings: 1. Introduction; 2. The oldest Three Good Brothers charm in Ireland; 3. Lady Wilde and the Three Good Brothers; 4. Douglas Hyde’s Three Good Brothers; 5. The Three Good Brothers gets published in Béaloideas; 6. The Three Good Brothers charms in the National Folklore Collection, UCD; 7. NFC 202: 81; Collector: Sarah Foley, Ardmore, Carna, Co. Galway, April 1933; 8. NFC 1273: 363; Maitiú Ó Corraoin, Ruisín na Manach, Carna, Co. Galway. Collector: Máire Ní Mhaoil Chiaráin, c. 1934; 9. NFC 481: 363; Séamus Ó Ceallaigh (54), labourer, Loch gCarman, Co. Wexford. Collector: Mícheál MacAodha, 23.2.1938; 10. NFC 1265: 266; Seán Briatmac (56), Co. Mayo. Collector: Maighréad Breatnach, 25.11.1939; 11. NFC 1311: 408; Colm Ó Cuala (38), Carna, Co. Galway. Collector: Éamonn Ó Conghaile, 22.11.1952; 12. NFC 1776: 15-16; Josey Costello (67), workman, Bohermore, Co. Galway. Collector: Ciarán Bairéad, 26.8.1968; 13. The Three Good Brothers charms in Léaraí Ó Fínneadha’s Ó Bhaile go Baile; 14. Conclusion; 15. Manuscripts; 16. Bibliography.
Journal volume:  Studia Celtica Fennica: <link>

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  • Cambridge, Trinity College, MS 316

Manuscript of the Epistles of St Paul, written by an Irish scribe, presumably in Northumbria. It belongs with four leaves of BL, MS Cotton Vitellius C vii. 

  • s. viii
  • Anonymous [hand of CTC B.10.5]
  • Cambridge, Trinity College, MS B.17.1
  • Cambridge, Trinity College, MS O.4.42
  • Cambridge, Trinity College, MS O.5.20

Welsh law-book, Tr of the Blegywryd redaction of the Welsh laws (Cyfraith Hywel)

  • s. xivin
  • Gwilym Was Da
  • s. xv
  • Donnchadh mac Mátha Mac Cruitín
  • Copenhagen, Det Kongelige Bibliotek, MS Thott 225 quarto
  • Cork, University College, MS T 37
  • Cork, University College, MS T 45