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Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1318 2, cols 3-122
  • s. xvi
p. 277a  
p. 421–p. 431; col. 88–col. 122
rubric: Incipit discreptio de origine Scoticae linguae...   Etymological tract. 881 entries, A-T.
cols 88–122
881 entries, A-T.
p. 255a–p. 283a; col. 3–col. 87
i.e. Cormac's glossary (text B), one of the longer versions that exist of the text.
pp. 255a–283a (facsimile)   cols 3–87
p. 280a (facs.)  
context: Sanas Cormaic   § 369 (section containing additional entries)
Russell, Paul, Sharon Arbuthnot, and Pádraic Moran, Early Irish glossaries database, Online: Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, University of Cambridge. URL: <>.

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