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Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1319 pp. 463-476
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p. 463–p. 464
pp. 463–464   
ff. 175b–176b  pp. 474a (line 9)–476b   
Meyer’s edition begins with p. 475b.
p. 464?–p. 468a
pp. 464b–468a   
Not presently identified in the catalogue.
p. 468
A list of battles fought in Ireland
p. 474
incipit: Cid dia tangadar Fomhoraigh   Tale of the Fomoiri and their invasion of Britain
Abbott, T. K., and E. J. Gwynn, Catalogue of the Irish manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, Dublin: Hodges, Figgis & Co, 1921.
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Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1319

A single gathering “enclosed in two blank covering leaves” (Gwynn)

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