Durham, Cathedral Library, MS A.IV.19 2 (quires 9-11), ff. 66-89 = additional quires in the Durham collectar
  • s. x
Dekker, Kees, “Aldred’s appetite for encyclopaedic knowledge: the secret of warm and cold breath”, English Studies 93 (2012): 583–592.  
A series of encyclopaedic notes at the end of Durham, Cathedral Library, A.iv.19, includes a question on the origin of warm and cold breath immediately following a text listing the eight parts of which Adam was made. The two types of breath, made of fire and wind, respectively, form the spiritus . By linking the question on warm and cold breath to the history of octipartite Adam texts it has become clear that the spiritus relates to the Stoicπνϵμα or “cosmic breath”, a Stoic concept of the soul, which forms the key to the juxtaposition of these two notes.

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