Laon, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 55
  • s. ix
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680   “540. The Laon fragment of a school dialogue”
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  • Laon, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 46
  • Laon, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 50

A copy of Bede’s commentary on Proverbs (In proverbia Salomonis), with flyleaves from a manuscript of Irish provenance.

  • s. ix

Two flyleaves containing a fragment of Augustine’s De quantitate animae, with Old Irish glosses and other marginalia.

  • s. ix2/3
  • Laon, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 420
  • Laon, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 426 bis

Carolingian manuscript consisting of two parts: one containing a Greek-Latin glossary known as Pseudo-Cyrillus (ff. 5-275) and a Greek-Latin teaching miscellany compiled by Martin of Laon (ff. 1-4, 276-319). These parts appear to have been produced and combined under Martin’s supervision.

  • s. ix3/4
Laon, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 444
  • s. ix3/4
  • Martin of Laon