London, British Library, MS Cotton Vespasian A xiv = Cottonian vocabulary
  • s. xi-xii
Howlett, David, “Little lections in Cambrian composition: Vita S. Gundeli and Vita S. Iltuti”, Peritia 15 (2001): 31–47.  
This article presents texts of Vita Sancti Gundleii § 11 edited from London, British Library, ms Cotton Vespasian A.XIV and ms Cotton Titus D.XXII, and Vita Sancti Iltuti Prologue and § 7 edited from ms Cotton Vespasian A.XIV. These three passages, which discuss education and composition both verbal and architectural, offer detailed accounts of aesthetic theory as understood and practised among the Welsh during the twelfth century.
Hughes, Kathleen, Celtic Britain in the early Middle Ages: studies in Scottish and Welsh sources, ed. David N. Dumville, Studies in Celtic History 2, Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 1980.  
Papers revised or previously unpublished
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