London, Lambeth Palace Library, MS 1370 = Mac Durnan Gospels
  • s. ixex/xin
McNamara, Martin, “The Echternach and Mac Durnan Gospels: some common readings and their significance”, Peritia 6–7 (1988): 217–222.
McGurk, Patrick, “The Irish pocket gospel book”, Sacris Erudiri 8:2 (1956): 249–270.

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Four Gospels; at f. 3v, a metrical inscription in square capitals, possibly written by Koenwald (later bishop of Worcester), says that the manuscript was written by or at the behest of Máel Brigte mac Tornáin and that Æthelstan, king of England (r. 924-939), donated it to Christ Church, Canterbury.

  • s. ixex/xin
  • Máel Brigte mac Tornáin