Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, MS C 301 inf = Codex Ambrosianus C 301 inf
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91–128   [Pt I, Chapter 5] “Two glossed commentaries: the Milan and Vatican commentaries”
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[FR] Nouvelles lectures et corrections de lecture sur le manuscrit des Gloses de MilanAprès avoir examiné l’édition fac-similé (Best, 1936), ainsi que le manuscrit original (Milan, Codex Ambrosianus 301 C inf.), les auteurs proposent un certain nombre de corrections au texte des Gloses de Milan tel qu’il a été édité dans le Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus I (p. 7-483). Ces corrections, accompagnées d’un commentaire, s’ajoutent à celles qui ont déjà été publiées en ligne sur le site :

[EN] Having inspected the facsimile edition (Best, 1936) as well as the original manuscript (Codex Ambrosianus 301 C inf.), the authors offer a number of corrections to the text of the Milan Glosses as found in the Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus I (p. 7-483). These corrections, together with commentary, supplement those already online at :
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comments: Reprinted by DIAS in 1987, together with Stokes' supplementary volume.
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291–292   “Old Irish verse in the Milan Codex (Bibl. Ambr. C. 301)”

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  • Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, MS A 138 sup
  • Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, MS B 55 inf

Latin antiphonary. A contemporary colophon to the final hymn states that the manuscript was written at Bangor when Colmán was its abbot (680-691). The manuscript was brought to the continent and kept in the Bobbio library.

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Illuminated copy of Orosius (Book I and the beginning of Book II), usually thought to have been produced in the 7th century at the Irish foundation of Bobbio, Italy.

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  • Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, MS I 61 inf
  • Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, MS I 61 sup

9th-century manuscript of Bobbio provenance containing a copy of the Ars Ambrosiana, which is a commentary on the second book of Donatus’ Ars maior. On f. 8r, there is an Old Irish gloss embedded within the text, which seems to have been copied from the exemplar of the manuscript.

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