Oxford, Jesus College, MS 119 = Llyfr Ancr Llanddewi Brefi
  • 1346
Parina, Elena, “A Welsh version of Visio Pauli: its Latin source and the translator’s contribution”, Apocrypha 28 (2017): 155–186.  
This article undertakes a comparative analysis of the Middle Welsh version of Visio Pauli transmitted in Oxford Jesus College MS. 119 in relation to its Latin analogues. According to Silverstein’s stemmatic approach, the Latin text behind the Welsh translation belonged to Group D in Dwyerʼs more recent classification ; it shows many characteristics of this group, but also lacks some significant markers. Following Jirouškováʼs alternative classification, the underlying Latin text as it can be reconstructed on the basis of the Welsh version, belongs to her C-group and has some features of the C3 group, but more parallels to C1 texts. On the basis of a number of features shared by all Welsh versions and a small group of Latin texts in manuscripts C5/L7/L8 (belonging to C1 and D respectively), there are good reasons to argue that the original of the Welsh text was fairly close to them. The results of the comparison also allow to identify changes that the Latin text underwent in the course of the translation, with the caveat that the immediate source of the translation is not available. The most important changes are additions of formulae that can be explained as stylistic devices and some adaptions of content for the sake of the new Welsh audience.
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