Rouen, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 24 = Double Psalter of St Ouen
De Coninck, Luc [ed.], Expositiones Psalmorum duae, Corpus Christianorum, Continuatio Mediaevalis 256, Scriptores Celtigenae 7, 2012.  
It is generally agreed that the double Psalter Rouen BM 24 (the “Psalter of Saint-Ouen”) goes back to 10th-century Ireland.

Notes in the inner margin of its Hebraicum text have been used by L. De Coninck as a subsidiary source for the edition of the Latin epitome of Theodore of Mopsuestia’s commentary on the Psalms (CC SL, 88A).

In the present volume, the same editor publishes two series of scholia which are particularly important, as they fill a lacuna in the actual knowledge of exegetical traditions in the Early Middle Ages.

Up to Ps. 16:11, the Hebraicum contains ca. 250 marginal scholia borrowed from an anonymous commentary which shared the “Antiochene” concern for the Psalms’ literal sense and relevance to the post-Davidic history of the Jewish people, but left out of account the Messianic prophecies that had been admitted by most Antiochene exegetes and by Theodore himself. Irish provenance is unlikely, as the subjacent Psalter is either a Vetus Latina with several peculiar readings, or a Greek text. A small number of excerpts from this same commentary can be found in the pseudo-Bedan argumenta and in several Irish and Continental compilations from the end of the eighth until the beginning of the eleventh century; these additional testimonia are recorded in the apparatus locorum similium of the edition.

Scholia inserted between the lines of the Hebraicum bear witness to the “classical” Irish exegetical school, explaining the Psalms in the light of post-Davidic Jewish history and of David’s own life as well. From Ps. 39:11 on, nearly all of these notes have a counterpart in the acephalous commentary Vaticanus Pal. lat. 68 (s. viii in., written in Northumbria, ed. M. McNamara, Studi e Testi 310). The Rouen Psalter completes the Vatican commentary up to that point; the content of ca. 750 scholia on Pss. 1:1 – 39:10 was previously unknown.

The edition contains a study on the MS. and all its components, as well as five indexes (biblicus, fontium, locorum similium, nominum et rerum, grammaticus et orthographicus).
(source: Brepols)
McNamara, Martin, “Five Irish psalter texts”, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 109 C (2009): 37–104.  
In 1973 the present writer published an essay on the psalms in the early Irish Church (from AD 600 to 1200). In this he reviewed the material available for a study of the subject and gave a more detailed examination of some of the texts. The present work intends to supplement the 1973 essay. It concentrates on three central topics:

(1) the full collation of a hitherto unstudied text, the fragments of an Irish Hebraicum Psalter in MS. Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) fr. 2452 (tenth century), fols 75-84, which on analysis is revealed as an early representative of the typical Irish recension of the Hebraicum (AKI—the sigla for the psalter text of the three MSS Amiatinus, Florence, Biblioteca Mediceo-Laurenziana Amiatino I; Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug. perg. 38; Rouen, Bibliothèque municipale 24 [A. 41]);

(2) a more detailed examination of the Psalter of Cormac (thirteenth century);

and (3) of the so-called Psalter of Caimin (c. 1100).

With these, two comments on two other psalters are also given (that in the 'Reference Bible' and the Double Psalter of St-Ouen) while a preliminary section treats of texts having a bearing on the understanding of the psalter in Ireland (the Tituli psalmorum attributed to Bede; psalm prologues and biblical canticles and psalm prayers).
Duncan, Elizabeth, “Contextualising ‘The Rouen Psalter’: palaeography, codicology, and form”, The Journal of Celtic Studies 5 (2005): 17–60.
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