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  • s. xvi (?)

pp. 565-660, now bound in two separate volumes (nos 19-20), are regarded by Abbott as forming a single collection.

  • s. xvi (?)

Three Irish manuscript leaves (pp. 662-667) and two outside leaves, perhaps originally unconnected, in reverse order (pp. 661, verso, and 668, recto). The inner leaves contain legal material with glosses.

  • s. xvi?

14 manuscript leaves, containing a Gaelic bardic poem and a pedigree

  • s. xviiex

Manuscript leaves written by the Scottish Gaelic poet Cathal Mac Muireadhaigh, containing a number of poems

  • 1636
  • Cathal Mac Muireadhaigh

Manuscript leaves containing the Irish bardic poem beg. Mallacht ort, a fhir na sgéal

  • s. xvii (?)

17th-century Irish paper manuscript, containing a number of copies of early Irish tales

  • 1616
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1337

A single leaf folded in two, inserted into a section of TCD 1337.

  • ?
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1337/26

Transcript, by Eugene O'Curry, of two legal glossaries from TCD 1317

  • s. xix
  • Eugene O'Curry


  • s. xii2
  • Áed Úa Crimthainn [abbot of Terryglass], Anonymous [LL scribe for bishop Finn of Kildare], Anonymous [LL scribe T], Anonymous [LL scribe U], Anonymous [LL scribe M], Anonymous [LL scribe S]

Collection of poems relating mainly to the Mac Domhnaill family of Leinster.

  • s. xvii


  • 1748
  • Patrick O'Canin
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1344
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1345
  • s. xviii1
  • Aodh Ó Dálaigh
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1347

Manuscript in two volumes written by Muiris Ó Gormáin (Maurice (O')Gorman) containing a copy of Réim ríoghraidhe na hÉireann agus seanchas a naomh (and other genealogies) from a manuscript by Pól Ó Colla. Volume 2 was originally continued by MS 1345 (p. 145ff).

  • c.1770
  • Muiris Ó Gormáin
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1349
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1350