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  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS 6404
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS 7257

Fragment (single leaf) of a martyrology discovered in a 17th-century bookbinding. The martyrology has been dated to the 11th century and was produced at the Regensburg monastery. The surviving fragment contains entries for twelve days, April 14-25, which include six saints of Ireland (Tassach, Ruadán of Lorrha, Donnán of Eigg, Laisrén of Leighlin, Máel Ruba of Bangor, Ibar of Begéire).

  • s. xi

Fragmentary Irish manuscript containing verses from Psalm 118, the so-called Beati. It is not known if the original manuscript was a Psalter containing all or most of the psalms.

  • s. xiex-xiiin
Dublin, University College, MS Franciscan A 3

A single leaf which has bound together with ten detached leaves of the Book of Leinster.

Dublin, University College, MS Franciscan A 4

Irish manuscript fragment that was previously part of Franciscan MS A 31 (a compilation of fragments), later to be slipped into Franciscan MS A 4, and is now kept in a pouch separate from the latter manuscript.

  • s. xv / s. xvi
  • s. xvi1
  • Eoghan Carrach Ó Siaghail

Manuscript of Foras feasa ar Éirinn

  • s. xvii