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Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1314

Irish medical manuscript (6 leaves). Because of its mutilated state, much of it is illegible.

  • s. xv (?)
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1314

Single sheet in three folds containing a fragment on Irish prosody.

Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1314

A single, irregularly shaped leaf containing a fragment of computus.

  • s. xv

A composite manuscript containing early Irish legal tracts and miscellaneous other texts. The various sections are currently bound in five volumes and used to be bound together with the manuscript now known as TCD 1317 (H 2. 15b).

  • s. xiv

Composite manuscript including legal tracts, glossaries and a copy of the Dinnshenchas Érenn from TCD 1322.

  • s. xvii

Composite Irish manuscript consisting of many fragments.

  • various

Extract from the Latin-Irish dictionary by Rev. Richard Plunkett (along with a preface dated Trim, 12 Sept. 1661). The extract was apparently taken from the original in Dublin, Marsh's Library, MS Z 4.2.5 and written for Edward Lhuyd. Interleaves contain a Latin-English-Basque vocabulary directed by Edward Lhuyd.

  • s. xvii

Irish manuscript compilation of material from Dinnshenchas Érenn, written by the scribe Seaán Ó Cianáin (John O'Keenan) at Ard Choill (Ardkyle, Co. Clare).

  • s. xvi
  • Seaán Ó Cianán
  • s. xviii
  • Muiris Ó Gormáin
  • s. xviii
  • Muiris Ó Gormáin

Manuscript copy of Geoffrey Keating’s Foras feasa ar Éirinn, written by one Maurice O'Connor. This copy includes the synchronisms leading up to the time of Ruaidhrí Ó Conchobhair in the 12th century.

  • c. 1700
  • Maurice O'Connor [fl. c. 1700]

Transcript, by Eugene O'Curry, of two legal glossaries from TCD 1317

  • s. xix
  • Eugene O'Curry


  • s. xii2
  • Áed Úa Crimthainn [abbot of Terryglass], Anonymous [LL scribe for bishop Finn of Kildare], Anonymous [LL scribe T], Anonymous [LL scribe U], Anonymous [LL scribe M], Anonymous [LL scribe S]