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Not yet published.

Irish paper manuscript continuing the Irish translation of the Old Testament from Dublin, Marsh's Library, MS Z 4.2.3a-b. This volume includes the prophetical and apocryphal/non-canonical books.

  • s. xviiex

Biblical commentaries

  • s. x
Not yet published.

English composite manuscript which seems to consist of parts of two originally independent compilations: I. a 12th-century MS of Sawley provenance (pp. 1-40, 73-252), and II. a 14th-century MS of Bury St Edmunds (pp. 253-642, 41-72). Neither is complete since part I belongs together with CCCC MS 66, and part II with CCCC MS 66A. This arrangement was made in the 16th century, when Matthew Parker took the Sawley and Bury St Edmunds manuscripts, split each of them, rebound the material and donated the combined second halves to Corpus Christi College.

  • s. xii – s. xiv

A copy of Juvencus’ Evangeliorum libri quattuor, with glosses in Latin, Old Welsh and Old Irish

  • ix2 + x1
  • Núadu [scribe]
  • Cambridge, University Library, MS Ff.1.27

Pocket gospel book produced around the tenth century, probably in Scotland; well known for containing additions in Scottish Gaelic (or Middle Irish)

  • s. x1
  • Cambridge, University Library, MS Kk 1.24
  • Cambridge, University Library, MS Kk. 6. 33
Not yet published.

Composite work consisting of an early 9th-century Mercian prayerbook and two accretions of later date.

  • s. xiii/xiv + s. ixin + s. xivex/xvin
  • Cambridge, University Library, MS Sel. 1.19/1
  • Cardiff, Central Library, MS 1.362
  • Cardiff, Central Library, MS 1.363
  • Cardiff, Central Library, MS 1.381

Manuscript known best as the Book of Aneirin (Llyfr Aneirin'), containing the heroic poem Y Gododdin and a number of gorchanau.

  • s. xiii2
  • Cardiff, Central Library, MS 2.629
  • Cardiff, Central Library, MS 2.633
  • Cardiff, Central Library, MS 3.242
  • Cardiff, Central Library, MS 11
  • Cardiff, Central Library, MS 36
  • Cardiff, Public Library, MS Hafod 16
  • Cashel, Bolton Library, MS I
  • Charleville-Méziêres, Bibliothéque municipale, MS 229

Manuscript destroyed in WWII. It contained the earliest known version of the Historia Brittonum, referred to as the ‘Chartres’ recension of this text.

  • s. x/xi
  • Chartres, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 507