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A copy of the Irish catechism Lochran na gcreidmheach (1676) authored by Froinsias Ó Maolmhuaidh (Francis Molloy, Irish Franciscan monk of St Isidore's, Rome).

  • s. xviiiex

Welsh law-book, Tr of the Blegywryd redaction of the Welsh laws (Cyfraith Hywel)

  • s. xivin
  • Gwilym Was Da

Paper manuscript containing an extensive anthology of Irish bardic verse.

  • s. xvii
  • Aodh Ó Dochartaigh

Manuscript miscellany which originally belonged to a larger codex, together with NLI MS G 2.

  • s. xiv-xv
  • Ádam Ó Cianáin

17th-century Irish manuscript miscellany containing Keating’s Trí biorghaoithe an bháis (incomplete), a variety of Irish poems and several genealogical tracts.

  • s. xvii
  • Conchubhar Mhágaodh

Catalogue of manuscripts in the library of Edward O’Reilly.

  • c.1825

Medical tracts in Latin and Irish.

  • s. xviim
  • Pádruic Gruamdha Ó Siadhail
  • s. xviii
  • Aindrias Mac Cruitín