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Gallican Psalter, and some canticles and prayers. It is accompanied by glosses in Latin and Irish.

  • s. x/xiin

Fragmentary Irish manuscript containing verses from Psalm 118, the so-called Beati. It is not known if the original manuscript was a Psalter containing all or most of the psalms.

  • s. xiex-xiiin

Psalter, with additions, produced in the monastery of Waulsort or Hastières in the 11th, possibly 12th century. Additions include a calendar, tables of computus, the Oratio Brendani, miniatures of the dedication, the Cross (including an inscription with Anglo-Saxon runes) and David with the harp, prefaces to the psalter (including a Greek alphabet), glosses to the psalter, and many further prayers and hymns. St Brigit, St Patrick and St Foillán are included in the calendar as well as in the litany of saints.

  • s. xi / s. xii