Results gathered for Martyrology of Tallaght

Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, MS 5100-5104 
Incomplete. This version omits nearly all of the Roman entries. (1)n. 1 Westley Follett, Céli Dé in Ireland (2006): 222–223.
ff. 209r–224v  
Dublin, University College, MS Franciscan A 3 
Ed. R. I. Best • H. J. Lawlor, Martyrology of Tallaght (1931). One leaf is missing after p. 356[2], two leaves after p. 360[6] and one leaf after p. 364[10].
p. 355[1]–p. 365[11]
Dublin, University College, MS Franciscan A 3 
Incomplete. This copy, originally belonging to the Book of Leinster, is richly annotated with notes and poems in the margins. Leaves with entries for 30 January–(most of) 11 March and 20 May–31 July (and part of 1 August) have gone missing and still must have been present when the Kildare copy (below) was written. Entries for 1 November-16 December are also wanting.
pp. 355[1]–365[11]   
Kildare, sean leabhar, containing the martyrology of Tallaght 
A copy still seen by Ó Cléirigh and used for the Brussels MS (below) but now lost (Follett: 239). Ó Cléirigh reported that it was wanting after 31 October (Ní fhuarus ancuid ele don martarlaic san seanleabar i cCill Dara). According to Best and Lawlor, this exemplar and the next derived from the Book of Leinster (Franciscan A 3).
Leabhar mór, containing the martyrology of Tallaght 
The second exemplar of the Brussels manuscript, simply referred to as Leabhar mór (Asan leabar mór so síos), which was used for the entries of 31 October and 17-24 December. It is now lost (Follett: 239).